Serenade for flute and harp. 8 movements. Janice Ortega, San Francisco Bay Area Harpist
Sample recital

Carlos Salzedo and Marcel Grandjany are two composers who profoundly influenced harp performance technique. I introduce their compositions with a discussion of their rivalry. “A Few Words on Salzedo and Grandjany.”
Carlos Salzedo. Song in the Night.
Marcel Grandjany. The Good Little King.

Janice Ortega, harp, and Robert Gray, flute.
1.Rossini, Gioachino, 1792 - 1868. Theme and Variations.
2.Andriessen, Hendrik, 1892 - 1981.
3.Persichetti, Vincent, 1915 - 1987. 
4.Saint-Saens, Camille. 1835 - 1921. Fantaisie. Op. 124.
5.Chopin, Frederick, 1820 - 1849.
6.Bizet, George, 1838 - 1875. Carmen. Entracte.
7.Miyagi, Michio, 1894 - 1956. Haru no Umi. (Sea in Spring)
8.Ibert, Jacques, 1890 - 1962. Entr’acte.

The composer, Francis Poulenc, was an important part of the French Renaissance and the group of French composers known as “The Six.” (Le Seis). I introduce my performance of his work with an introduction. Francis Poulenc, the French Renaissance and Le Seis. A Few Words About Francis Poulenc
Janice Ortega, harp, and Roberta Brokaw, flute.
Poulenc, Francis, 1899 - 1963.

David Schapiro is a Los Angeles composer. I introduce her performance of his composition by sharing my attempt to locate the composer. Calling every David Schapiro in the Los Angeles phone book.

 Schapiro, David.

Vincent Persichetti is a composer who made significant contributions to the harp literature. I introduce my performance of one of those works which represents the

Persichetti, Vincent, 1915 - 1987. Serenades for flute & harp.